The Family Office Bioforum is a non-profit funded entirely by sponsors. To keep the events high value and free to our qualified family office members, we restrict who we admit both for members as well as sponsors. While we do not directly verify financial ability to invest, we might ask for verification of prior investments in the life sciences or other areas that demonstrate that members have the capacity to invest $500K – $1M or more into an individual company. For the sake of clarity, the difference between an angel investor and family office is the size of an investment. While angel investors are an important part of the capital ecosystem, the target member for the FOB are family offices with approximate $100M and above in assets, who can afford to invest material sums into an individual company. Life science companies often require significant capital to realize an exit and thus require families with means to support their continued growth and development.

Please send us an email ( and provide as much information as you feel comfortable with about yourself, your investments and investment objectives.

*All emails will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone outside of the Family Office Bioforum organization.



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