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The Family Office Bioforum Opportunity

The Family Office BioForum (FOB) is an exclusive opportunity for ultra-high net worth investors and family offices to engage in a substantive conversation about investing in the Life Sciences. Members will meet and learn from like-minded family investors and experts by sharing best practices and discussing all aspects of investing into and managing investments in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic sectors.

Engage, Meet and Learn

We aim to create a market for family offices to make direct investments into life science companies in a systematic fashion. While the organization is not selling anything or raising capital for any company, we hope to accomplish the following objectives:


The FOB fosters a community of like-minded family offices (who often wish to invest together and with other sophisticated investors.) with the key to creating successful aligned syndicates via deep relationships and trust among the investors. Sourcing, diligencing, negotiating and managing life science investments is best accomplished in a group of families with different skills yet with similar interests and objectives. The FOB wants to be the connector.


The best way for a family to find a company is via other families and trust advisors. We aim to help families that are interested in deal flow to not only connect with each other but also to utilize our Proseeder platform to share these deals and interact with value added members of the ecosystem.


Our one day events in a variety of geographies allow members to meet in a discrete format and feel comfortable to share their experience. We bring together keynote speeches from industry, academic and family luminaries to share their wisdom in addition to a host of panels with relevant topics about direct investing in the life sciences.


Most of America’s elite families do not wish to list their name in a family office phone book for people to approach them for investment. Our job at the FOB is to provide avenues for families to both maintain their discretion should they choose to do so while enabling the connecting with companies.


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Interested in supporting the next event?  Here’s how…

The Family Office BioForum is a closed event where both membership and supporters are at the full discretion of the organizing committee.  There is no charge to attend the event if you are a qualified family office. To maintain the caliber of the event, there is no pitching or sales.  We are entirely supported by our supporters who are a valuable part of the ecosystem.  If you are collaborative and supportive of the life science industry, we’d be happy to speak with you about supporting our next event.  Please contact for additional information.

Collaborate with partners, share experience you can build on.


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